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Benefits of a remap

› Increased power and torque
› Improved throttle response
› Smoother power delivery
› Safer overtaking
› Improved fuel economy
› Improved acceleration through the gears

V12 Chip Tuning & ECU Remapping are one of the UKs leading remapping specialists.
We use the most advanced equipment and software to deliver the best results and change your driving experience forever.

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ECU ReMapping

See how one of our custom remaps can save you money & change your driving experience forever

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Rolling Road Dyno

Test the true power of your vehicle by simulating real world driving on our Rolling Road DYNO

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EGR Clean

See how your vehicle can benefit from our EGR cleaning service

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Van Remapping

Experience better driveability and reduce fuel expenses with one of our van remaps

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Truck ReMapping

Save up to thousands of pounds on your annual fuel bill whilst reducing your carbon footprint

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Tuning Boxes

Our plug in alternative to a remap, enambling you to experience similar results without changing any data

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"Scott remapped my Vw Caddy 105 Bhp to 150Bhp and i couldn't believe the difference! it is like a different van it is so responsive and much quicker off the mark. Also when i have a full load and hit a hill i actually have some pull due to the extra torque,cant believe I've been slugging round for a year,wish id found out about this sooner. Thanks Scott for a great quick service."

− Oliver .S - Urmston, Manchester

" I had my Bmw 520D done by V12 a few weeks ago and i can only recommend this service,Scott came to my work place ,did the job on site with his fully kitted out mobile work shop with no mither for power points etc he just came in and 1 hour later was done and my Bmw is like a 530D now!I am so surprised at the performance improvements,its quite astounding that you can get this service for a fraction of what Bmw charge and i believe they just do the same job but charge 4 times the price!!!!! "

− Rafiq .M - Oldham - BMW 520D

"To be honest i was very dubious about having my car remapped as ive heard lots of scarey stories about bad remaps,but after a good chat with Scott i was assured my pride and joy was in good hands,and wow what a fantastic job,My S3 went from 265Bhp to around 305Bhp with 20-30% more Torque and is so much more responsive. All i can say is if you've not had it done,get it done sooner rather than later as its like having a new engine(with big turbo!!) put in your car, I'm definitely recommending Scott and this outstanding service to all my friends and family. Thanks. "

− Shaun .T - Cheetamhill - AUDI S3 2.0TFSI