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V12 Chip Tuning & ECU Remapping are one of the UKs leading remapping specialists. We use the most advanced equipment and software to deliver the best results and change your driving experience forever.

With so many restrictions on driving these days, you need freedom from these limits in order to get the most out of your vehicle and optimise your driving experience. Your vehicle has been built on a generic factory line to enable it to be sold all over the world. Your driving experience should be unique and personal to you. Our service will provide you with greater fuel efficiency, increased power and torque, and improved acceleration and overall drivability.

We have worked with practically every make and model of vehicle and have over 20 years experience so you know that when you come to V12, you are in safe hands.

So whether you are looking for increased power or improved fuel economy, our dedicated team will provide a second to none service at competitive prices.

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