ECU Remapping

V12 Chip Tuning Manchester provides the most cost effective and convenient way to improve your vehicles’ performance without compromising on quality.

Remapping involves altering the data that is stored on a microchip inside your vehicles’ ECU. This can be done for economical purposes or to optimise your driving experience. A remap doesn’t just benefit your vehicle by increasing power, MPG or torque; it also reduces the amount of harmful gases that your vehicle omits into the environment.

Mileage, climate, fuel quality and other factors influence the performance of your vehicle. Manufacturers release a vehicle with a generic, standard setting to enable it to be sold/driven all over the world in a variety of environments/climates etc. Remapping your vehicle will customise these settings, resulting in optimal performance for your specific driving environment.

Our maps are done in house and are custom made to meet your requirements. The map is optimised in a way that is safe and efficient for your make/model/year of vehicle.

Prices start from £150
Please call if you require further details