Tuning Boxes

Although a remap is the most effective ways of improving your vehicles performance, we do offer an alternative in the form of a tuning box (sometimes referred to as a piggy back chip). These are useful if your vehicle is under warranty or if you are not the long term owner of the vehicle, but you want to experience results similar to that of a remap without actually changing any data in the vehicles ECU.

Although a remap is still widely preferred due to the fact it is tailored specifically for your vehicle, tuning boxes are great in many ways. Especially in the sense that you are not changing any data and it can easily be removed from your vehicle when required.


  • Plug in solution that provides the same benefits as a remap (improved power and torque)
  • No software change in the ECU, therefore undetectable and no risk of voiding warranty
  • Box is removable and potentially transferrable to another vehicle
  • Box can be fitted by one of our technicians or can be posted out with full fitting instructions